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Thermal Sensor 75ºC  (TS3-75-C3) - Microtherm

TS3-75-C3   75ºC  NTC Thermal Sensor / Thermal trip in a TO-18 package with...

£4.10 £3.50
Thermal Sensor 75ºC  (RS307-935) - RS Components

75ºC  NTC Thermal Sensor / Thermal trip in a TO-18 package with Horizontal mountiong ...

£4.10 £3.50
1N4935 rectifier - Fairchild Semiconductor

1N4935 rectifier  diode 200v 1A in a DO-41 package. Download Fairchild 1N4935 data...

1N5818 Schottky Diode 30 V  1A  - TSC

1N5818    30 Volt 1 Amp Schottky Diode in a D0-204 package by TSC. Downl...

£0.29 £0.10
BZX84-C6V8  6.8 Volt zener diode - Vishay

BZX84-C6V8    6.8Volt zener diode in a SOT-23 surface mount package by Vishay. ...

£0.12 £0.05
4518 (HCF4518BE) dual up-counter - STMicroelectronics

HCF4518BE dual up-counter in a 16 DIP package by STMicroelectronics. Download STMicroel...

£0.75 £0.33
4585 (HCF4585BE) 4-bit magnatude comparitor - STMicroelectronics

HCF4585BE cmos 4-bit magnatude comparitor in a 16 pin DIP package by STMicroelec...

£1.09 £0.55
4046 (HCF4046BE) CMOS phase lock loop - STMicroelectronics

HCF4046BE CMOS phase lock loop in a 16 pin DIP package by STMicroelectronics. Down...

AD622AN  Instrumentation Amplifier - Analog Devices

AD622AN   Instrumentation Amplifier in a 8 pin DIP package by Analog Devices. ...

£10.99 £4.50
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