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MBR1545 power Schottky rectifier - ON Semiconductor

MBR1545CTG  switch mode power Schottky rectifier in a TO-220 package by ON Semiconduc...

£0.82 £0.40
LM747J/883 dual Op-Amp - National Semiconductor

LM747J/883  dual Op-Amp in 14 pin CERDIP package by National Semiconductor. D...

CA339E quad voltage Comparators - RCA

CA339E quad voltage Comparators in a 14 pin DIP package by RCA. Download RCA CA339E dat...

£6.66 £4.50
7430 (ZN7430J)  8-input positive NAND gates - Ferranti

ZN7430J    8-input positive NAND gates in a 14 pin CERDIP package by&n...

5082-7651 10.9mm red seven segment LED display - Hewlett Packard

5082-7651 10.9mm  seven segmentr red LED common anode display with right hand decimal...

ZN1034E precision timer - Ferranti

ZN1034E precision timer in a 14 pin DIP package by Ferranti. Download Plessey ZN1034E d...

£67.91 £20.00
LM628N-6 servo motor driver - National Semiconductor

LM628N-6 servo motor driver in a 28 pin wide DIP package by National Semiconductor. Dow...

£31.15 £25.00
74LS181 (SN74S181N) ALU / function generator - Texas Instruments

SN74S181N    ALU / function generator  in a 24 pin wide DIP packa...

£2.50 £2.25
5082-7302  7.4mm red numerical indicator - Hewlett Packard

5082-7302   7.4mm (0.29")  red 7 segment numerical indicator with left hand...

£31.25 £15.00
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