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74HC4040 (MM74HC4040M)  12 stage binary counter - National Semiconductor

MM74HC4040M 12 stage binary counter in a 16 lead SOIC surface mount package ...

£0.31 £0.16
4066 (HEF4066BT) quad bilateral switch - Philips

HEF4066BT  quad bilateral switch in a 14 pin SO surface mount package by Philips...

£0.30 £0.20
4013 (HEF4013BP) cmos dual D-type flip-flop - Philips

HEF4013BP cmos dual D-type flip-flop in a 14 pin DIP package by Philips. Down...

74HC573 (MM74HC573N) Octal D-type latch - Fairchild

MM74HC573N    3-state Octal D-type latch in a 20 pin DIP package by Fairchi...

£0.65 £0.50
74HC139 (MM74HC139M) dual 2-line to 4-line decoder - National semiconductor

MM74HC139M  dual 2-line to 4-line decoder in a 16 pin SOIC surface mount package by N...

£0.36 £0.17
AT93C46DN  (EEPROM) - Atmel

AT93C46DN EEPROM   1K (128 x 8bit),  1.8V , 3 -wire, in a 8 pin SOIC surcace mou...

£0.28 £0.17
4538 (HEF4538BP) dual precision monostable multivibrator - Philips

HEF4538BP  Dual Precision Monostable Multivibrator in a 16 pin DIL package by Philips...

£0.50 £0.30
74HC574 (MM74HC574N) Octal D-Type flip-flop  - Fairchild Semiconductor

MM74HC574N  3-State Octal D-Type Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop in a 20 pin ...

74HC08 (SN74HC08N)  Quad 2 input AND gate - Texas Instruments

SN74HC08N Quad 2 input AND gate in a 14 pin DIP package by Texas Instruments. Down...

£0.30 £0.25
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