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BC109 silicon NPN transistor - ITT

BC109 silicon NPN transistor in a traditional TO-18 can by ITT. Awaiting ITT datasheet ...

TBA810P  monolithic audio power amp - SGS

TBA810P   7 Watts monolithic audio power amp in a 12 pin QIP (Quad Inline P...

TEA2031A colour TV East-West correction - STMicroelectronics

TEA2031A  colour television East-West correction circuit in a 8 pin DIP package ...

£1.80 £1.00
TIP31A silicon NPN transistor - Motorola

TIP31A  silicon NPN transistor in a TO-220 package by Motorola. Download Moto...

£0.47 £0.35
TDA3653C vertical deflection circuit - Philips

TDA3653C vertical deflection and guard circuit in a 9 pin SIP package by Philips...

£6.55 £3.75
KA339A quad comparator - Samsung

KA339A quad comparator in a 14 pin DIP package by Samsung. Download Samsung KA339A data...

£0.37 £0.25
2SC1505-L  silicon NPN transistor - NEC

2SC1505-L silicon NPN transistor in a TO-220 package by NEC. Download NEC 2SC1505 datas...

£0.99 £0.80
TA7205AP audio power amplifier - Toshiba

TA7205AP  audio power amplifier in a 10 pin SIP package by Toshiba. Download Toshi...

£7.99 £5.00
HCPL-4506  optocoupler - Agilent

HCPL-4506-300  optocoupler in a 8 (gull wing) surface mount package * by Agilent (for...

£2.18 £1.10
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