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0-5000psi pressure transmitter (SCD-10337A-2 ) - Space Corp
SCD-10337A-2 military pressure transmitter by Space Corp. range 0 - 5000 psi NSN 6685-01-065-7..
AD590KH  temperature transducer - Analog Devices
AD590KH  temperature transducer (-55 to 150ºC ) in a TO-52 can by Analog Devices. Download A..
£10.55 £6.50
ADXL362BCCZ  Digital Output MEMS Accelerometer - Analog Devices
ADXL362BCCZ  Digital Output MEMS Accelerometer in a 16 TFLGA surface mount package by Analog De..
£7.91 £6.00
BPW41N  photodiode - Vishay
BPW41N  photodiode in a stupid non descript black brick package. Note, the factory has to paint..
£0.74 £0.50
ECA-0189 RC11696  RF avionics array
ECA-0189 RC11696 9239F   RF avionics array possibly by or made for Smiths Industries ..
£700.00 £100.00
G53CW glass NTC  thermistor - STC
G53CW glass NTC  thermistor by STC (now Bowthorpe). 5KOhms @ 20ºC (see datasheet for full sp..
£3.86 £2.00
HEDS-9100 rotary digital encoder - Hewlett Packard
HEDS-9100 incremental rotary digital encoder by Hewlett Packard. Download Avago HEDS9100 datashee..
£20.29 £15.00
Joystick  d15159/2 - Penny & Giles
2 axis wirewound potentiometer type joystick by Penny & Giles. Part number d.15159/2 Await..
£280.00 £80.00
LDR   ORP12   Light Dependent Resistor
ORP12  LDR  (Light Dependent Resistor),  cheap, very robust item, classic componen..
£1.50 £0.80
LDR NSL 06S53   Light Dependent Resistor
 NSL 06S53  A very small LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) in a T0-8 case with a body diam..
LM1830N  fluid detection IC - National Semiconductor
LM1830N  fluid detection IC in a 14 pin DIL package by National Semiconductor. Download..
£53.75 £25.00
LM35DZ precision temperature sensor - National Semiconductor
LM35DZ orecision temperature sensor in a TO-92 package by National Semiconductor Download&nb..
£1.57 £1.00
LMS-R5 optical sensor - Sunmulon
LMS-R5 optical sensor by Sunmulon (mulon) japan. as used in high end scanners for detecting ..
£35.00 £30.00
microphone insert - electret solder pad type
electret solder pad  microphone insert   - 50Hz to 12KHz response -60db  (+/- 3db )&n..
£0.68 £0.45
microswitch SPDT 10.1a 250v  (DC2C-A1AA) - Cherry
DC2C-A1AA  microswitch SPDT NO/NC 10.1a @ 250vac by Cherry. Download Cherry DC series m..
£3.19 £2.50
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