A selection of Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO) in through hole and Surface mount packages

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GO1525  Voltage Controlled Oscillator - Gennum
GO1525 HD-LINX™II  1.485GHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator in a 8L surface mount package (s..
£7.71 £4.00
GVXO-55F 27.00MHz voltage controlled crystal oscillator - Golledge
GVXO-55F/SC SM VCXO 5.0V     27.00MHz surface mount voltage controlled crystal o..
£1.57 £1.00
GVXO-55F 32.00MHz voltage controlled crystal oscillator- Golledge
GVXO-55F/SC SM VCXO 5.0V     32.00MHz surface mount voltage controlled crystal oscill..
£1.57 £1.00
JTOS-850VW   400-850MHz  VCO  - Mini-Circuits
JTOS-850VW  400-850MHz VCO in a custom surface mount package by Mini-Circuits Down..
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