Frequency Converters and Mixers

Frequency Converters and Mixers

A selection of frequency to voltage converters and frequency mixers.

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digital delay module 100ns  (50A10101) - Newport Components
50A10101 digital delay module (10 taps -  total delay:100nS) in a 14 pin DIP package (big block..
LM2917N-8 Frequency to Voltage converter - National Semiconductor
LM2917N-8/NOPB Frequency to Voltage converter in a 8-pin DIP package by National Semiconductor. D..
£1.35 £1.00
SBL-1X   frequency mixer - Mini-Circuits
SBL-1X   frequency mixer by Mini-Circuits. Download Mini-Circuits SBL-1X datasheet: ..
£10.00 £7.50
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