Bridge rectifiers

Bridge rectifiers

A selection of Bridge Rectifiers from Silicon ARK

From some very early 1960'srectifiers to the latest new releases.

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BP35-04G   35 Amp Bridge rectifier - Frontier Electronics
BP35-04G metal clad 35Amp bridge rectifier by Frontier Electronics Max Peak Reverse Voltage ..
BY164 bridge rectifier - Philips
BY164 bridge rectifier by Philips Vrrm: 160 V; V rsm: 200 V; Imax: 1.5 A; Ifrm: 10 A; Uvrms:..
BY224-600  silicon bridge rectifier
BY224-600 silicon bridge rectifier in a SOT-112 package. Download Philips BY224 datasheet:  ..
£13.99 £10.00
BRIDGE RECTIFIER, 6A, 400V   GBU Case  Forward Current If(AV): 6A  Forwar..
GBU8J -600V 8A bridge rectifier
GBU8J -600V 8A bridge rectifier Download Fairchild Semiconductor GBU8J datasheet:  S..
£1.64 £1.16
GIB3502-4 bridge rectifier - General Instruments
GIB3502-4 bridge rectifier by General Instruments. Awaiting datasheet. Status: NOS (New Old St..
KBL10 bridge rectiifier
KBL10 bridge rectiifier  1000V 4A  1 phase. status: NOS ( Newe Old Stock)  RoHS: n..
£2.30 £1.50
KBPC102 Bridge rectifier - International Rectifier
KBPC102 bridge rectifier by International Rectifier. Download International Rectifier KBC102..
£1.10 £0.90
MDA2501 bridge rectifier - Motorola
MDA2501 bridge rectifier by Motorola. Download Motorola MDA2501  datasheet: Status: NOS ..
S1NB60 bridge rectifier - Diotec
S1NB60   600 volt miniature bridge rectifier (6.5mm square) by Diotec Download Diotec S..
W005 Bridge rectifier - unbranded
W005M Bridge rectifier for PCB mounting. Download DC Components W005M Datasheet:  Maximum..
£0.27 £0.10
W005M Bridge rectifier - DC Components
W005M Bridge rectifier for PCB mounting by DC Components Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage (..
£0.27 £0.14
W01M Bridge rectifier - General Instruments
W01M Bridge rectifier for PCB mounting by DC Components. Download DC Components W01M Datasheet:&n..
£0.15 £0.10
W02G Bridge rectifier - General Instrument
W02G  200 Volt Bridge rectifier by General Instrument. Awaiting datasheet. Status: N..
£0.75 £0.35
W08M Bridge rectifier - DC Components
W08M Bridge rectifier for PCB mounting by DC Components Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage (V..
£0.27 £0.14
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