Zener / Diacs

Zener / Diacs

A selection of Zener diodes and Diacs,

some golden oldies mixed in with modern day equivalents.

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1N3032B 33 volt  Zener diode - Microsemi
1N3032B  33 Volt  Zener diode 7.5mA hermetically sealed in a DO-13 case.  Sta..
BZX85C33  33Volt Zener diode - ST Microelectronics
BZX85C33  33Volt  Zener diode by ST Microelectronics. awaiting datasheet. ..
£0.07 £0.05
BZT03C36 36 Volt zener Diode - Vishay
BZT03C36   36 Volt zener Diode in a  SOD-57 package by Vishay. Download Visha..
BZV55-C36 zener diode 36V 500mW SOD80 - NXP
BZV55-C36 zener diode 36V 500mW  in a SOD-80C package by NXP. Download NXP BZV series datash..
£0.11 £0.04
BZV85C39  39 Volt Zener diode - Fairchild Semiconductor
BZV85C39 Zener diode 39V   1.3W in a DO-41 case by Fairchild Semiconductor ..
BZX61C39  39Volt  Zener diode
BZX61C39  39Volt  Zener diode 1.3 Watt in a DO-35  glass case. Awaiting datasheet...
£0.07 £0.04
BZX85C39 39Volt Zener diode
BZX85C39 39Volt  Zener diode in DO-41 glass package. awaiting datasheet. Status: NOS (New..
£0.07 £0.05
MA4390 (MAZ4390-0H) 39-41 volt zener diode - Panasonic
MA43900H   (MAZ4390-0H)  39 to 41 Volts zener diode in  a DO-4390 case by Pan..
BZX84-C5V1  5.1 Volt zener diode - Fairchild Semiconductor
BZX84-C5V1    5.1Volt zener diode in a SOT-23 surface mount package by Fairchild Semicondu..
£0.07 £0.05
MA2560 (MAZ2560) zener diode - Panasonic
MA2560 (MAZ2560)  56Volt / 1Watt zener diode in a glass colour banded DO-41 case by&n..
ZPY62 Zener diode - ITT
ZPY62 Zener diode  62V 10mA nom 16mA max in a DO-41 case by ITT Download ITT ZPY series..
BZX68  68 Volt Zener diode - Philips
BZ68 Zener diode  68V   / 0.4W   by Philips status: NOS ( New Old Stock) RoHS: ..
£0.13 £0.10
BZX84-C6V8  6.8 Volt zener diode - Vishay
BZX84-C6V8    6.8Volt zener diode in a SOT-23 surface mount package by Vishay. Download..
£0.12 £0.05
BZX61C72  72 Volt  Zener diode - Fairchild Semiconductor
BZX61C72  72 Volt Zener diode in a DO-15 case by Fairchild Semiconductor Status: NOS (N..
SX82   82 volt zener diode - Semtech
SX82 zener diode  82V 5W in a SOD-57 case by Semtech Download Semtech SX82 datasheet:&n..
£4.50 £2.50
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