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MPSA42  SEE THIS WEEKS SPECIAL OFFER PRICE !!! TO-92 case NPN 300V DC 500mA  0.624W ..
£0.15 £0.10
OKI-METCAL DX-250 fluids dispenser
OKI-METCAL DX-250 desktop fluids dispenser. BRAND NEW in the box with EXTRAS ! 0-100psi , 240V ..
£323.00 £250.00
OKI-METCAL DX-250 fluids dispenser + bulker
TKI-METCAL DX-250 desktop fluids dispenser with bulk cartridge head.  *******second user ******..
£300.00 £100.00
Oyster 80/16s terminal - GR-Electronics
Oyster 80/16s terminal by GR-Electronics. OK, so this probably does not belong on this site, but ..
Philips SM25 LBB2024/00 PA amplifier
Philips SM25 LBB2024/00 PA amplifier This is the main amplifier unit for the SM25 sound managemen..
£250.00 £75.00
Philips SM25B - LBB 2502/10 PSU
Philips SM25B sound management  - LBB 2502/10 additional  PSU This is an additional pow..
£50.00 £30.00
Photomultiplier  RGB array
Unique high end RGB Photomultiplier colour scanner array, which consists of: incoming l..
R446 Photomultiplier tube - Hamamatsu
R446 Photomultiplier tube by Hamamatsu. 9 stage , side on type as still used in high end opt..
Solder Braid 2mm x 1.5m - Pro's Kit
solder Braid 2mm x 1.5m by Pro's Kit. Essential de-soldering wick for all those tidy repair jobs...
£1.50 £1.00
Teletype type 43 dot matrix printhead (NSN 5815010913599)
Teletype type 43 dot matrix printhead    5 x 7 pin matrix Ok, so probably now a mu..
ZN3082E collectors item - Ferranti
ZN3082E collectors item in a 24 gold pin, wide gray DIP plastic package by Ferranti. ******* ..
4T2  by Ferranti
Rare post coldwar chip fron Ferranti,  no data available ( please call if you know anything). T..
£25.00 £15.00
Laser cutter X Y BED
NEW Chinese Laser cutter X Y BED from one of the 40 watt type clone desktop machines, this comes wit..
£100.00 £75.00
Leybold Ion Source
Leybold Ion Source. Status: NOS ( New Old Stock) in the original box,  RoHS: na ..
£100.00 £50.00
MARCADDY SK4600 cable drum - fibre optic drum
MARCADDY steel cable drum - fibre optic drum for proffesionals who don't mess about, this is the biz..
£379.00 £179.00
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