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1N5401 silicon diode -  General Instruments
1N5401 silicon diode  100V 3A in a DO-201AD package by General Instruments. Download General..
£0.13 £0.06
679  12V 1W T1.5 LES bulb - General Instrument
679  12Volt 1Watt T-1½ LES Bulb by General Instrument. Status: NOS (New Old Stock) Legacy..
£0.40 £0.25
AY-3-1270 digital thermometer IC - General Instruments
AY-3-1270 digital thermometer and temperature controller  IC in a 40 pin DIP package by General..
£24.42 £20.00
BY127 Diode - General Instruments
BY127 Diode  1250 V  1A   D0-41 case by General Instruments. Status: NOS (New Old ..
G568 24V 1.2W  MBC filament bulb - General Instrument
G568 24V 1.2W 0.05A  MBC filament bulb by General Instrument (now CML) 9.2mm diameter base. ..
£0.49 £0.25
GI758 high current rectifier - General Instrument
GI758 high current rectifier in a P600 package by General Instrument (Now Vishay). Download GI -V..
£0.52 £0.30
GIB3502-4 bridge rectifier - General Instruments
GIB3502-4 bridge rectifier by General Instruments. Awaiting datasheet. Status: NOS (New Old St..
MAN52A 7.6mm green seven segment LED display - General Instruments
MAN52A 7.6mm (0.3") green 7 segment common anode LED display with a strange yellow-gray face an..
MEM511   P-Channel enhanced MOSFET - General Instruments
MEM511 P-Channel enhanced MOSFET in a TO-72-4 can by General Instruments. Download Gene..
£23.99 £15.00
MV54173  green LED panel lamp - General Instrument
MV54173  green LED panel lamp by General Instrument. Download General Instrument MV54173 dat..
£2.50 £2.00
SA12 Transient Voltage Suppressor - General Instruments
SA12  Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) in a DO-15 plastic package by General Instruments. ..
£0.38 £0.23
SB340 Schottky barrier rectifier - General Instruments
SB340 Schottky barrier rectifier  in a DO-210 package by General Instruments. Awaiting GI da..
UF4002 silicon Rectifier  - General Instruments
 UF4002 rectifier in a plastic DO-41 case by General Instruments Download General Semiconduc..
W01M Bridge rectifier - General Instruments
W01M Bridge rectifier for PCB mounting by DC Components. Download DC Components W01M Datasheet:&n..
£0.15 £0.10
W02G Bridge rectifier - General Instrument
W02G  200 Volt Bridge rectifier by General Instrument. Awaiting datasheet. Status: N..
£0.75 £0.35
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