54 Series - military spec

54 Series - military spec

A small offering of 54 series logic integrated circuits as required in military, avaition and medical equipment.

Having a greater range of physical and electrical characteristics over conventional 74 series.

i.e ceramic packaging for a greater heat range.

These come at a premium so we advise that unless you need to replace one for one a 54 series chip you look at the cheaper standard logic equivalents (74 series)

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54F00YB quad 2-input NAND gate - Motorola
54F00YB   (military version of 74F00) quad 2-input NAND gate  in a 14 ..
54H01J  (military version of 74H01) - Texas Instruments
SN54H01J (military version of 74H01) in a 14 pin ceramic DIL package by&nbs..
54LS03  (DM54LS03J) quad 2-input NAND gate - National Semiconductor
DM54LS03J quad 2-input NAND gate in a 14 pin CERDIP package by National Semiconductor. Exten..
54ALS04  (SN54ALS04BJ) hex inverter - Texas Instruments
SN54ALS04BJ hex inverter in a 14 pin ceramic DIP package.  (military version of&..
54LS04  (DM54LS04J) hex inverter - National Semiconductor
DM54LS04J  hex inverter in a 14 pin CERDIP package by National Semiconductor. ..
7404 (DM5404N)  hex inverter - National Semiconductor
DM5404N hex inverter in a 14 pin DIP (plastic not ceramic)package by National Se..
5405J (SNJ5405J)  Hex Inverters  - Texas Instruments
SNJ5405J Hex Inverters With Open-Collector Outputs in a 14 pin ceramic DIL package by Texa..
54F08 quad 2-input AND gate - Motorola
54F08 quad 2-input AND gate in a 14 pin ceramic DIL package by Motorola military version of&..
54LS08J (SN54LS08J) quad 2-input AND gate - Texas Instruments
SN54LS08J  quad 2-input AND gate in a 14 PIN ceramic DIL package by Texas Instru..
54LS10J - Texas Instruments
SN54LS10J (military version of 74LS10)  in a 14 pin ceramic DIP package Texas Instrum..
54S10 - Texas Instruments
54S10J    (military version of 74S10) in a 14 PIN ceramic dil package by Texas I..
54LS13 (military version of 74LS13) - Texas Instruments
SN54LS13J   (military version of 74LS13) duel 4-input positive NAND schmitt triggers ..
SNJ5413J  4-input positive NAND schmitt triggers - Texas Instruments
SNJ5413J  dual 4-input positive NAND schmitt triggers in a 14 pin DIP Ceramic package by T..
£12.00 £6.00
54LS14J - Motorola
SN54LS14J   (military version of 74LS14) in a 14 pin ceramic DIP package by Motorola. E..
SN5416J  Ceramic DIP
SN5416J in a 14 pin DIL Ceramic package Download Texas Instruments SN5416J datasheet:  st..
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