Audio / video DSP

Audio / video DSP

A selection of dedicated AUDIO and VIDEO DSP ( Digital Signal Processing) IC's.

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7920A melody circuit - Seiko Epson
7920A melody circuit in a 8 pin DIP package by Seiko Epson. Strange little warbler thing, does wh..
AD561JD  10-bit Digital to Analog Converter - Analog Devices
AD561JD  10-bit Digital to Analog Converter in a 16 pin brazed CERDIP package by Anal..
£37.86 £30.00
AD7512DIKN  protected analogue switch - Analog Devices
AD7512DIKN  protected analogue switch in a 14 pin DIP package by Analog Devices. D..
£12.57 £10.00
AD8113JST  16 × 16 Crosspoint Switches - Analog Devices
AD8108AST, Audio Video 16 × 16, G=+2  60 MHz crosspoint switches in a 100 l..
£49.83 £15.00
AD9744ARU 14 Bit DAC ( Digital to Analog Converter) - Analog Devices
AD9744ARU 14 Bit DAC ( Digital to Analog Converter) in a 28 pin TSSOP surface mount packag..
£8.99 £6.50
ADDAC80D-CBI-V   mono 12-bit D-A Converter - Analog Devices
ADDAC80D-CBI-V   mono 12-bit D-A Converter in a 24 pin Ceramic DIP package by Analog ..
£22.21 £15.00
ADG407BN  8 Channel multiplexer (MUX) - Analog Devices
ADG407BN  8 Channel multiplexer (MUX) in a 28pin DIL package by Analog Devices aud..
ADL-SE2246F delay line - Asahi Glass Co.
ADL-SE2246F combo filter / delay line ina 4 pin SIP package by Asahi Glass Co. An fasci..
ADS805U 12 bit  20 MHz analog to digital converter - Burr Brown
ADS805U 12 bit  20 MHz analog to digital converter in a SO28 surface mount package by Burr..
£17.73 £12.33
ADSP-21062KS-160   DSP (Digital Signal Processor) - Analog Devices
ADSP-21062KS-160   DSP (Digital Signal Processor), 40 Mhz with 2Mb ram in a  240..
£138.00 £75.00
ADSP-21065LKS-240   DSP (Digital Signal Processor) - Analog devices
ADSP-21065LKS-240   DSP (Digital Signal Processor), floating point 32 bit 60 Mhz 60 MIPS i..
AM7905ADC  subscriber line audio processor - AMD
AM7905ADC  subscriber line audio processing circuit in a 24 pin CERDIP package by AMD. ..
£12.00 £8.00
BA4424N FM/TV front end - Rohm
BA4424N FM/TV front end in a 9 pin SIP package by Rohm. Download Rohm BA4424N..
£8.32 £6.00
BT864A  YCrCB to NTSC/PAL digital video encoder - Conexant
BT864AKRF  YCrCB to NTSC/PAL digital video encoder (*) in a 52 pin PQFP surface mount package b..
£39.66 £10.00
CA270CE  TV signal processor - RCA
TCA270CE  TV signal processor  in a 16 pin DIP package by RCA. Awaiting datasheet...
£4.95 £3.00
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