Motor Drivers

Motor Drivers

Welcome to a selection of Motor driver IC's suitable for driving stepper motors

induction motors, dc servo's for all those robotics and CNC projects,

such as laser cutters , cnc routers and engravers,cnc lathes.



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BA6209 reversible brush motor driver
BA6209 Bi-directional brush motor driver in a HSIP-10 (Heatsink) package. Once typically used in ..
£1.26 £1.05
BA6259N reversible motor driver - Rohm
BA6259N 2-channel reversible motor driver in a 10 pin SIL package by Rohm. Download Rohm BA6259N ..
FT1745 digital-to-resolver converter - FT Technologies
FT1745 digital-to-resolver converter in a 40 gold pin low profile tin can by FT Technologies. ..
£120.00 £66.00
IR2233S  3-phase bridge driver - International Rectifier
IR2233S  3-phase bridge driver in a 28 lead SOIC surface mount package by International Rectifi..
£13.00 £7.50
L292 switch-mode driver for DC motors - ST Microelectronics
L292 switch-mode driver for DC motors in a 15 pin multiwatt package by ST Microelectronics..
£9.66 £6.50
L298N  Dual Full-bridge stepper motor driver - STMicroelectronics
L298N  Dual Full-bridge stepper motor driver  in a 15 lead Multiwatt package by STMicroele..
L6203 DMOS Full bridge stepper motor driver - ST Microelectronics
L6203 DMOS Full bridge motor driver in a 12 pin multiwatt package from ST microelecrtronics. ..
£8.86 £5.00
L6387E  Dual half bridge MOSFET power driver - STMicroelectronics
L6387E  Dual half bridge MOSFET power driver in a 8pin DIP package by STMicroelectronics. Do..
£1.16 £1.00
LM628N-6 servo motor driver - National Semiconductor
LM628N-6 servo motor driver in a 28 pin wide DIP package by National Semiconductor. Download Nati..
£31.15 £25.00
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