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Heatsink - The Massive One (TMO) !

Heatsink - The Massive One (TMO)  !
Heatsink - The Massive One (TMO)  !
Heatsink - The Massive One (TMO)  !
Heatsink - The Massive One (TMO)  !
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Heatsink - The Massive One (TMO) !

This is one massive heatsink, originally a custom extrusion for use in boat power supplies.

designed to act as an enclosure it is slotted to take two PCB's 120 x 134mm (one main circuit board facing down and a second display /switch board facing up... presumably) as the slots are close together. A third topmost slot would be for the fascia.

Two gulleys run along the base, again presumably for locating self tapping screws allowing for end caps?

two large holes are 8.2mm diameter plain through holes, the others look like M4 and M2 tapped.

Possible uses: rock band strage amplifier ...... the one that goes to 11,  power supply, diode laser enclosure.... steam punk objet d'art.

Dimensions:  fin side length 134.2mm x  height: 93mm      max width (fin lower right to fin lower left):  170mm  weight: 1KG

RoHS compliant: YES... as it's simply a block of aluminium.

20 listed , but more available, please ask if you are interested in a boxed, job lot which will keep the carriage down (heavy and bulky things individually ! )

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