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SR6K3 Bearing (Barden bearings)

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SR6K3 Bearing (Barden bearings)

Barden SR6K3 Ultra precision Bearing for use in aircraft instrumentation. (radial ball- deep groove - instrument type - imperial) 

status : NOS ( New Old Stock) from avaition supplier as used in Smith Instruments aircraft cockpit instruments.

Please note these are not your run of the mill bearing, do not buy for general purpose use. Ok for historic aircraft restoration etc.

These are hermetically sealed in foil bags, the bearings are themselves are again sealed inside a plastic bag.

a selection have been opened for inspection by Smith's then resealed (both bags) , but be assured they are all PERFECT.

marked: SR6K3V.C  G-2  bore 2  O/D 1   jan 1978.     please ask about out other smith instruments parts as they will not be listed. 

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