A smattering of Military,Aviation and Aerospace electronic components,parts drawn from all the other listings.

please also see 54 series IC's for integrated circuits and military grade precision resistors.

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CV7671 silicon PNP transistor
CV7671 silicon PNP transistor in TO-39 can.  NOS (New Old Stock)  Tested Comp..
CV7676 pnp silicon transistor - Semelab
CV7676 pnp silicon transistor in a TO-18 can by Semelab. Download Semelab CV7676 datasheet: ..
CV7875 silicon avalanche diode
CV7875 silicon avalanche diode in a glass DO-7 package  Download CV7875 datasheet:  ..
CV8790 silicon  diode
CV8790 silicon general purpose diode in a bright red glass DO-35 package. Download CV8790 datashe..
£1.00 £0.50
CV8889  PNP Silicon power transistor
CV8889  PNP Silicon power transistor in a TO-3 can Status: ( NOS  New Old Stock)  ..
CV9507 silicon PNP transistor - Ferranti
CV9507 (CV9507BSLL)  silicon PNP transistor in a TO-39 can by Ferranti. Download  ..
CV9507 silicon PNP transistor - SGS-ATES
CV9507 (CV9507BSLL)  silicon PNP transistor in a TO-39 can by SGS-ATES. Download  ..
CV9637 switching diode
CV9637 switching diode in a DO-35 glass package Download non specific CV9637 datasheet:..
£2.39 £1.50
DG390AAK  Analogue switch , Duel DPST, Cmos,  Note: 16 pin Ceramic DIP package ( *** not t..
DG411AK/883 Analog Switch Quad SPST - Harris Semiconductor
DG411AK/883 Analog Switch Quad SPST in a 16 Pin CERDIP package by Harris Semiconductor  (Now In..
£18.58 £6.35
dpxbna67m33s04 bulkhead socket -ITT
dpxbna67m33s04  military bulkhead socket by ITT ..
£186.00 £75.00
ECA-0189 RC11696  RF avionics array
ECA-0189 RC11696 9239F   RF avionics array possibly by or made for Smiths Industries ..
£700.00 £100.00
ESC0 06SA20A pin
ESC0 06SA20A cont.skt. #20    (pin)   manufactured by DEUTSCH with duel two part CAA ..
ESC0 06SA20C pin
ESC0 06SA20C cont.skt. #20    (pin)   manufactured by DEUTSCH with duel two part CAA ..
 Ferranti EXP383   in an 8 pin T0-5 can ( presumed Ferranti MicroNOR II DTL..
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