A smattering of Military,Aviation and Aerospace electronic components,parts drawn from all the other listings.

please also see 54 series IC's for integrated circuits and military grade precision resistors.

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NSN 6240-00-054-6540  red neon cartridge lamp - CML
NSN 6240-00-054-6540  120V  neon cartridge lamp by CML. 7.11mm diameter Status: NOS ..
£5.21 £3.00
NSN 6240-00-054-6540  red neon cartridge lamp - Dialight
NSN 6240-00-054-6540  105~ 125V  neon cartridge lamp by Dialight. manufacturers part nu..
£5.21 £3.00
NSN 6240-00-764-5205  red neon cartridge lamp - CML
NSN 6240-00-764-5205  red neon cartridge lamp by CML. 120Volt. Status: NOS (New Old Stock..
£6.50 £3.00
NSN 6240-00-913-4243  RED 6Volt cartridge lamp - Eldema
NSN 6240-00-913-4243  RED 6Volt cartridge lamp by Eldema. Status: NOS (New Old Stock) ex USA..
nsn-5950-99-622-5500  variable inductor
nsn-5950-99-622-5500  variable inductor. Superbly engineered piece of broadcast equipment. P..
£100.00 £75.00
nsn5935-00-832-9455-receptacle - hughes
nsn5935-00-832-9455 receptacle connector body by hughes. body only no pins. manufacturers part..
£40.00 £20.00
nsn5935-01-058-6517 connector receptacle
nsn5935-01-058-6517 connector receptacle manufacturer : Winchester Electronics Division &nbs..
£50.63 £25.00
nsn5985-00-831-7781-microwave-guide-assembly - MDL
Microwave-guide-assembly with coax connector by MDL. (Microwave Development Laboratories, Inc.) N..
£1,140.00 £200.00
Oyster 80/16s terminal - GR-Electronics
Oyster 80/16s terminal by GR-Electronics. OK, so this probably does not belong on this site, but ..
PAL16R4A-4MJ Programmable Array Logic - Monolithic Memories
PAL16R4A-4MJ  Programmable Array Logic in 20 pin CERDIP package by Monolithic Memories. Down..
£12.00 £6.00
Photomultiplier  RGB array
Unique high end RGB Photomultiplier colour scanner array, which consists of: incoming l..
rectifier assembly (50-364308-21) -  Beechcraft
50-364308-21 rectifier assembly by Beechcraft. Status: NOS (New Old Stock)  ex USAF stores,n..
SOCAPEX  127 41 AF YC    (HE80 4FB 41 Y) PCB CONNECTOR.  41gold plated pins / so..
T163X-97   6 pole radio relay (970-2439-020)  - Gould Allied Control
Gould Allied Control T163X-97 part no.: 970-2439-020 plug in 6 pole DT relay for the Collins kwm-2a ..
£44.93 £40.00
Teletype type 43 dot matrix printhead (NSN 5815010913599)
Teletype type 43 dot matrix printhead    5 x 7 pin matrix Ok, so probably now a mu..
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