Sensors (optical)

Sensors (optical)

A range of optical sensors from Silicon Arc including:

LDR's ( Light Dependant Resistors)


Infra red detectors,

Fibre optic transmitters / receivers,

Photomultiplier tubes,

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150CVP 10-stage photomultipier tube - Mullard
150CVP "end on" 10-stage photomultipier tube by Mullard. Download Philips 150CV datasheet:&n..
£62.00 £35.00
306-061 screw mounted slotted opto switch - RS Components
306-061 Standard screw mounted slotted opto switch by RS Components. Download RS Components ..
£3.17 £2.50
BPW41N  photodiode - Vishay
BPW41N  photodiode in a stupid non descript black brick package. Note, the factory has to paint..
£0.74 £0.50
BPX25  silicon NPN phototransistor - Ferranti
BPX25  silicon NPN phototransistor in a glassed lensed TO-18 can by Ferranti. very sensitive..
£8.00 £7.00
F5E1-  Infra Red led - Harris Semiconductor
F5E1- Infra Red led by Harris Semiconductor Download Harris Semiconductor F5E1 datashee..
HEDS-9100 rotary digital encoder - Hewlett Packard
HEDS-9100 incremental rotary digital encoder by Hewlett Packard. Download Avago HEDS9100 datashee..
£20.29 £15.00
HFBR-11E9 Fibre optic transmitter - Hewlett Packard
HFBR-11E9 Fibre optic transmitter by Hewlett Packard Baud rate: 266MBd over 2KM Down..
HFBR-21E9 Fibre optic receiver - Hewlett Packard
HFBR-21E9 Fibre optic receiver by Hewlett Packard Baud rate: 266MBd over 2KM Downloa..
Infra-Red Detector diode - (306-083) - RS Components
3mm diameter Infra- Red Detector diode by RS Components. legacy RS part number: 306-083 Awaiti..
KSS-210A CD optical head - Sony
KSS-210A    CD/VCD  optical laser head by Sony (fits many other CD machines) ..
£86.11 £5.95
LDR   ORP12   Light Dependent Resistor
ORP12  LDR  (Light Dependent Resistor),  cheap, very robust item, classic componen..
£1.50 £0.80
LDR  VT935G   10 kΩ Light, 1MΩ Dark - Excelitus
VT935G  miniature LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) by Excelitus. range : 10 kΩ Light, 1MΩ Dark..
£0.80 £0.50
LDR NSL 06S53   Light Dependent Resistor
 NSL 06S53  A very small LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) in a T0-8 case with a body diam..
LMS-R5 optical sensor - Sunmulon
LMS-R5 optical sensor by Sunmulon (mulon) japan. as used in high end scanners for detecting ..
£35.00 £30.00
LN59L GaAs Bi-directional Infrared Light Emitting Diode - Panasonic
LN59L GaAs Bi-directional Infrared Light Emitting Diode by Panasonic. Download Panasonic LN59L da..
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