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Transformer Kit 50VA RS 207-554

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Transformer Kit 50VA RS 207-554

A 50VA Transformer Kit from RS Components

RS part number:   RS 207-554

comprises of prewound primary on a bobbin ( 240v and 120V windings), all the laminated core plates, external frame with clamping bolts, instructions.

The instructions not only give you the information of how it all goes together, but gives you all the theoretical calculations and explains transformer "regulation" and how to work out the number of turns required and wire gauge requirements / limitations. This is quite a cool document in it's own right and opens the door on this black art.

These kits are no longer available from RS in this format,  shame ! 

(Please note , you have to provide your own secondary winding wire- obviously)

Status: NOS ( New Old Stock) in original unopened RS Box.  RoHS compliant: Probably not.




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