QC and Component Testing

Silicon-Ark takes product quality very seriously.

We have heavily invested in British Built test kit for inhouse testing of the following:

Digital Logic IC's

Transistors  ( Silicon and Germanium, Uni, Bi and Fet's)

Diodes, Rectifiers, Diacs,

Op-Amps  (single, Dual, Quad packages)

Thyristors, SCR's

Early Memory,

Resistors / Capacitors / Inductors

And have built many special dedicated  jigs for the inhouse testing of non common components.

All components are quaranteened upon purchase, and only stored and listed once tested and proved to be "fit for use".

Further testing continously takes place and final testing is completed prior to despatch.  i.e all testable semiconductors get tested at least twice before sale.

Any components that fail inspection are removed and destroyed thus taking them out of the supply chain.

Please note we are not  ISO registered and never will be. (It is our experience that it does not guarantee quality, but it does increase paperwork and triples costs)

Please note that due to the varied end use of a particular component, any individual or organisation the wishes to use surplus parts in mission critical, medical or military / aerospace applications must undertake their own QC, testing and certification prior to releasing the component for fitting.  In such circumstances common sense and correct certification proceeedures must prevail.  

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