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Resistors - Power

Resistors - Power

A selection of POWER RESISTORS from the major suppliers:

Welwyn, CGS, ERG,

Great for vintage or military repairs.

all are NOS ( New Old Stock) unless stated as NEW stock.

Quickview MPR20C222J  2.2KOhm power resistor - TE Connectivity CGS
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Brand: TE CONNECTIVITY Model: MPR20C222J 2.2KOhm power resistor - Tyco CGS
MPR20C222J  2.2KOhm power resistor in a TO-220-2 through holepackage by TE Connectivity CGS.Download TE Connectivity CGS MPR20 series datasheet:Rated at 2 Watts  ( upto 20 Watts with heatsink)  5% tolerance, 500Vdc.Status: NOS (New Old Stock)  Normall only available by the..
£7.20 £2.00
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