This page will hopefully answer some of the more FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) :

Q: I wish to buy a single transistor, but checkout will not proceed with my order.

A: Your order does not meet the £5.00 minimum goods order value, you may consider adding some other items to your cart.

A: Your postcode indicates that you are not in the UK or Europe, so you are classed as an export order, please email through your enquiry. All export orders are manually invoiced due to the differing tax / postage / weight variations.


Q: Is ordering on line secure?

A: The Silicon-ark website has a SSL sertificate, this activates the padlock (in browser bar) and the https protocol which allows a secure connection from the server to your browser.

Q: How do I pay for my UK order?

A: You can ONLY pay for online purchases through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account  or  a credit card which paypal will accept.  This is so that you know your payment is secure, as we do not have your bank or card details. Also all PayPal transactions are fully protected.


Q: What is BNS / NOS  /  VNOS

A: BNS = Brand New Stock,as currently being sold by the manufacturer or distributor.

A: NOS = New Old Stock, these are fully vetted items purchased from manufacturers and military sources. These will mostly be in unopened and original packaging, and as good as the day they were made, but at discounted prices.

A: VNOS = Very New Old Stock, these are Very New items that may still be on sale from the major distributors, or are end of line items but just a month or so old, again perfect but at discounted prices.

Q: I cannot find what I am looking for ?

A: Enter the first few digits of your required part in the top search box  i.e   4001  and up will pop all the relevant parts with the same or similar part number.

A: Or if you know the manufacturer, simply go to the bottom of the page and search the BRANDS beneath the "extras" column.  i.e  FAIRCHILD.

Please note, if an item you require is not listed, then it's not immediately available from our stock, so please email through an enquiry.

Q: What is RoHS?

A:  A RoHS compliant item is fully useable in modern production equipment, it conforms to all the latest RoHS legislation regarding heavy metals and other toxic materials.

Q: can a non RoHS compliant item be safely used?

A: Yes, these are traditional components manufactured and commonly used before the recent introduction of the RoHS legislation. They should not be used for new production items, UNLESS they qualify as an exception. 

But are perfectly fine to use by the home electronics entheusiast , schools, colleges, universities , military and for REPAIRS where there is no other alternative replacement.... which is often the case.

Q: Are Germanium semiconductors reliable?

A: All our Germanium semiconductors are fully tested before sale and also at the point of despatch. Very often Germanium is the preferred choice in the retro music industry and also for some military applicatioins. These items have "attitude" when compared to boring silicon devices, so have fun !

Q: How are parts delivered safely?

A: Great care is taken to test (where possible) all parts prior to despatch,and are packed in ESD protective packaging where required, and photographed to record serial numbers and date codes.  Items that are in sealed foil bags will not be opened, but may well still require "baking" prior to SMD board population.

Q: Why do items have to be delivered via a recorded postage service?

A: A "Recorded or Special Delivery" service is used to record that the item has been delivered safely and on time. This is to protect us from fraud and to ensure you get a reliable and traceable service.... It works !

Q: Does Silicon-ARK buy in surplus stock from  members of the public as well as businesses.

A: YES, we are pleased to tender for any stock available, regardles of quantities,age or UK location.  Please email : sales@silicon-ark.co.uk with your listings.  We offer a prompt clearance service to industry, and will undertake to do all paperwork and inventory prior to collection if required. We are quite happy to quaranteen or remove your non RoHs compliant parts.

Q: Can Silicon-Ark provide technical information.

A:  For most components a .PDF datasheet is available for download on the item page, please consult this first.  If further information is required, then please phone : 01354 692886 during normal (UK) working hours and we will try to answer you questions in person.

Please note we cannot advise on your particular application, as speciyfing is your responsibility.

Q: Can we ask for components to be tested or semiconductors to be matched ?

A: All transistors/diodes/fets/voltage regulators and common logic IC's and common op-amps are tested prior to despatch.  Transistors can be matched, but due to the time this takes there is a charge.

It is normally presumed that resistors are not tested due to low cost. (but can be tested if requested):  Ditto with capacitors, however we only sell BRAND NEW electrolytics, due to ageing characteristics.

We do not import cheap components from the Far East,

Q: Does Silicon-Ark make items to order?

A:  Yes, Silicon-Ark actually designs & manufactures many components for the military, microwave, medical and formula-one racing industry. These items are usually bespoke CNC machined difficult to process materials.

However, we no longer populate boards or design circuits due to time commitments.

Q: Does Silicon-ark have a retail outlet?

A: No, and there are no plans to open one, due to the high overheads associated with operating a high street shop in the UK.  Silicon-Ark is purely web based with despatched being from a 24 Hour central secure facility within the UK.

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