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OC Series Transistors

OC Series Transistors

This is where you will find all the transistors specifically in the OC series i.e   OC202, OC203......OC83

Or if you know the transistor you need then simply type the first 4 or digits in the above search box.

Please note, These are also duplicated in the Bipolar transistors listings which is simply one big list covering all transistors.

.pdf datasheets for most OC series transistors available for free download ( these will go to your downloads folder)

Quickview OC83 PNP Germanium transistor - Mullard
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Brand: MULLARD Model: OC83 PNP Germanium transistor - Mullard
OC83 PNP Germanium transistor  in a classic SO-2 case  (aluminium cover over standard Mullard glass test tube)Note: red dot indicates :  collectorawaiting datasheetRoHS: no  ..
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