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C&K 7203MYZB switch

C&K   7203MYZB switch
C&K   7203MYZB switch
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C&K 7203MYZB switch

C&K   7203MYZB switch. British , nicely made traditional toggle switch,  double pole  :on-off-on , i.e actuator will hold in any of the three positions.   Gold contacts and gold solder lugs. These are superb !

short actuator (0.2" high) version, better for exposed locations such as musical instruments or medical equipment. Very popular with radio controlled aircraft makers due to robustness, ease of fixing and reliability.

 Threaded bushig is .35" high with keyway.  (6.25 mm clearance hole required in panel) comes with s/s hardware kit : two flat nuts, special lock washer and a serrated washer.

A domed top nuts for that special finish also available, see associated items.


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