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A selection of relays from Silicon-ark.

  • Aero and military grade relays
  • Industrial relays (octal / spade / solder in types)
  • PCB relays
  • Reed relays
  • Solid State Relays

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Quickview VP4/CBB/47/2500 4 pole CO relay - Varley
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Model: VP4/CBB/47/2500 4 pole CO relay - Varley
VP4/CBB/47/2500 relay by Varley.      Type:  CO Change over    poles 4    coil: 47 Volts DC  2500 Ohm stated   ( 2.35K ohms actual)    Earthing pin : 8BA    no other data available, so use as direct r..
Quickview G6K-2P-5DC relay - Omron
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Brand: Omron Model: G6K-2P-5DC relay - Omron
G6K-2P-5DC relay  by Omron.    Suitable for the Retro Chip Tester (RCT)    Download Omron  G6K-2P-5DC datasheet:     Status: BNS (Brand New Stock)    RoHS compliant: YES   ..
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